Retail Technology

Retail technology for the ideal buyer journey

Use the latest mobile technology to serve customers more effectively. With mobile access to real-time information, staff can easily manage inventory throughout the retail supply chain.

  • European Retail Research

    Keynote retail research into customer expectations and experiences, and retailer technology usage.

  • Retail and the IoT

    What does it mean to be able to see everything everywhere? Get some pointers.

  • Scan as you shop: Tesco

    Learn how Tesco has used Scan as you Shop to save customers time and money.

Mobile retail

Find out what shoppers want, and how retailers are adapting to provide it.

Handheld barcode scanners

Enable self service for your retail customers. Give them the ability to scan items while they shop and save time in the checkout line.

Case study:

Handheld barcode scanners saved this retailer £250,000 a year.

Wireless trends

Wireless networks are enhancing the shopper experience. Our white paper explores the 4 trends impacting wireless technology within Retail.

The buying

What went wrong with this shopper’s trip to a local garden centre?

Enterprise tablet ET1

Provide an improved shopping experience by offering more product information and better sales support to your customers around the store using the Zebra ET1 Tablet.