Success Stories & Resources

Success Stories


Learn how over 700,000 customers used Tesco's Scan as you shop across 300 stores.

Wickes: Electronic delivery management system

Handheld barcode scanners saved this retailer £250,000 a year.

Carrefour: Increases loyalty with in-store scanning

Find out how Carrefour increased customer loyalty and attracted new shoppers with in-store scanning.

River Island: Store of the future

Technology investment reaped the benefits for this progressive high-street retailer.

Go Outdoors: Improving customer experience

Find out why handheld digital scanners were a breath of fresh air for this outdoor retailer.

Feneberg: System modernisation

Learn how this mid-sized regional supermarket achieved its goals of quality product and service over scale of operation.

Shoe Zone: Picking efficiencies gained

Discover the significant benefits of a hands-free warehouse scanning solution for this footwear retailer.



Keynote retail research into customer expectations and experiences, and retailer technology usage, giving you invaluable insight.

'One Store One Experience’

How to use new retail technology to get closer to customers, raise satisfaction levels and gain competitive advantage.

European Retail Research

Keynote retail research into customer expectations and experiences, and retailer technology usage, giving you invaluable insight.

Order fulfilment

How retailers are gaining retail supply chain visibility and increased customer satisfaction.


Customer loyalty top tips

This e-Books outlines five ways to enhance retail customer loyalty and your bottom line.

Optimising your brand

e-book exploring how retail technology can transform operations and the in-store customer experience.


Delivering in-store customer experience

The retail delivery experience can make or break customer relationships. This infographic highlights the changes.

Mobile retail solutions

Find out what shoppers want, and how retailers are adapting to provide it.

Retail and the IoT

What does it mean to be able to see everything everywhere? Get some pointers.

'One Store, one experience’

Create personal shopping experiences with Zebra's One Store vision.


The future of retail

See how to combine retail technologies and channels to create a more consistent and personal shopping experience.

The customer-centric approach

In this video we explore the changing landscape of multi-channel retail and how to successfully navigate it.

One Store in multi-channel

Video exploring the changing landscape of multi-channel retail and how to navigate it.


Retail customer data

Reach retail customers through their mobile devices using in-store wireless and real-time big data analytics.

Delivering a consistent brand experience

Bringing online and in-store together to create a more unified and satisfactory customer experience.

A better customer experience

Retail customers experience omni-channel retailing, regardless of whether they are online or in-store, so everything needs to stack up.

Customer engagement via kiosks

How self-serve retail technology has evolved and the opportunities it currently presents.

Tracking retail delivery history

How legacy systems need to change to offer retail customers the right delivery options.

Warehouse management

Introducing innovative new barcode scanning technology that can increase worker productivity by 14%.

Retail analytics

Exploring the balance between offering a personalised retail experience and being intrusive.

Customer personalisation: the right way

Learn how not to do the personalised retail experience in this blog article.

The multi-channel retailing experience

Customers see products, not channels. What happens when the in-store customer experience and online retail journey collide?

What is One Store, one experience?

Blog article outlining our omni-channel approach to putting the customer first, and how to do it.

The buying experience

What went wrong with this shopper’s trip to a local garden centre?


Retail Customer Experience

Zebra Technologies Retail Customer Experience Solutions provides the information needed to enable customer self-service in your store.

Customer Engagement

Improve retail customer engagement with enterprise-class handheld computers, interactive kiosks and guest Wi-Fi.

Couponing & Gift Registry

Boost your customer retention efforts with Zebra's desktop and self-service kiosk printers.

Card Printing Solutions

Reward customers and improve business with Zebra's membership card printing solutions, gift cards and loyalty card printing.

Inventory Management & Merchandising Solutions

Zebra's Inventory Management solutions ensure that the products that shoppers want are on the shelf when they want them.

Staff Communications

Connect store associates and your distribution centre workers with integrated voice and data across devices and networks with Zebra’s Workforce Connect software.

Wireless Communications Solutions

Keep associates ready with Zebra's fast, reliable, flexible and secure Wireless Communications Solutions.

Device & Network Infrastructure Management

Empower your IT team with Zebra’s infrastructure management solutions that remove the drudgery of mobile solutions and device management.

Point of Sale Solutions

Improve customer experience with Zebra Point of Sale Solutions (POS) because sometimes, the retail POS is the only interaction customers have with you.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Zebra brings you end-to-end warehouse management solutions — from mobile devices to the wireless Wi-Fi networks and RFID infrastructure.

Fleet Management & Delivery

Zebra's Fleet Management & Delivery solutions can help you to respond to rising fuel costs and increased customer service expectations.

Field Sales / Direct Store Delivery

Enable field workers to perform pre-sales, sales, route accounting activities and more effectively interact with customers using Zebra Technologies Solutions.


Big data in retail

This webinar cuts out the hype and gives you the practical advice you need on how to use Big Data.