The One Store: Big Data



A 2012 Gartner report predicted that the world’s data mountain will have grown 800% by 2017.

So we’re right in the middle of the Big Data boom. It’s because we’ve all gone mobile, communicating and organising our lives through our smartphones and tablets. And every connection we make says a little more about who we are.

This is why Big Data and retail go hand in hand. The good news is that data analytics for retail can be applied in any size of business, to deliver tangible benefits.

Using the latest developments in retail wireless technology, analytics and data capture, you can blend operational data with customer data to find insights that you can act on in real time.

You can track the progress of customers around your stores and see if they linger in a particular area. If they do, you can send a member of staff to offer help, or deliver personalised offers direct to their smartphones.

Meanwhile, in the background, supply chain analytics can be telling you how your stock and order systems can be improved to reduce costs and boost profits. Or you could reduce waste by tracking the battery life of the devices that your staff use, to see how often they need recharging.

Whatever your data reveals, you can monitor it all remotely from your own mobile device and apply the insight immediately.

With a deeper understanding of your operations and your customers, you can transform both the way you work and your customer experience to accelerate the profitable growth of your business.

Zebra Technologies is the only provider that can offer the complete end-to-end solution, from wireless networking, to RFID scanners, label printers, and automation solutions for the Internet of Things.

  • Hardware – data capture, networking, remote monitoring
  • Software – analytics, network optimisation, real-time reporting

BIG DATA Webinar

Designed for retailers of every size from national chains to independent stores, you can get all the insights you need – in just 30 minutes – by listening to the Big Data webinar Zebra has recorded in association with Miya Knights from Planet Retail.

Big Data in Retail: From Hype to Reality cuts out the hype and concentrates on giving you practical insights on Big Data and analytics that you can put to work in real-world retail environments:

  • Identify which channels customers have interacted with most frequently
  • Personalise experiences with shopper preference and interaction analysis
  • Match your IT capabilities with your Big Data priorities





THE CHALLENGE: Every connection a customer makes – in-store or online – gives you another nugget of information about their shopping habits and tastes. You need to ensure you capture the data in a way that allows you to make sense of it and act on it in real time.

THE SOLUTION: Zebra in-store wireless, with NSight analytics and MPact locationing solutions, allow you to monitor footfall across your stores remotely and spot opportunities to close sales. You can also integrate information gathered online with data collected in stores to create more personalised shopping experiences.

THE RESULT: Customers feel more welcomed and appreciated. They are no longer irritated by irrelevant generic promotions and respond more often to personalised offers based on their known preferences and interests. Spend goes up, loyalty and advocacy improve.


THE CHALLENGE: Rapidly changing consumer tastes, driven by TV cookery programmes, mean that some lines have suddenly become more popular and there is a risk of running out of stock at some stores. Customers are also more concerned about origins and ingredients. You need to find the true patterns of demand and ensure your supply chain is optimised to meet them.

THE SOLUTION: Zebra 2D RFID imagers and label printers give richer detail about product lines. ZATAR harnesses the Internet of Things to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. Remote monitoring allows managers to keep an eye on stock levels and demand, so they can act instantly to avoid any problems.

THE RESULT: Inventory and the supply chain are optimised, reducing costs and waste. Customers are delighted to find stock is always available, and sales go up. They also appreciate having their discerning tastes accommodated, so loyalty increases as well. Managers spend less time travelling between locations; they can supervise routine operations remotely and have more time to focus on growing the business.



Learn how the right retail data analytics tools allow retailers to sift out what they need, turning operational and customer data into meaningful insight, more sales and higher profits.