Customer loyalty isn't what it used to be.

Fewer than half of all shoppers in the EMEA region use loyalty cards or loyalty apps1. And it's likely that, for many of that minority, loyalty simply means saving a bit of money at the checkout.

Real loyalty goes much deeper. It’s to do with service and personalised retail experiences.

Price is only part of the story. In fact, research suggests that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for goods if they get a better customer experience2.

With Zebra One Store solutions, retailers of all sizes can do more with technology to win the lasting loyalty of customers. It means approaching the whole retail experience from the customer’s point of view – unifying every channel so each customer always feels personally welcomed.

This might include using locationing platforms to deliver instant personalised offers to customers as they browse a store, or capturing accurate data so they get the same personalised experience online.

Or it may simply involve providing secure customer Wi-Fi – which is fast becoming something customers expect, rather than a special privilege.

This is retail best practice, extended into every channel: great sales people are there when customers need them, but know how to stay out of the way when customers just want to browse. With Zebra, retailers can get close enough to make customers feel special.

Zebra Technologies offers a range of solutions that address two key dimensions of loyalty:

  • Engaging customer experiences
  • Customer insight and analytics
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THE CHALLENGE: Loyalty is elusive and difficult to maintain. Customers have high expectations; they use social media and mobile devices to shop around and compare shopping experiences. And they want to be recognised and valued, whether they come into a store or browse online.

THE SOLUTION: Zebra solutions, such as scanners, card printers and analytics technologies, help with the creation of deeply personalised retail experiences. Robust wireless infrastructures in stores – including secure guest Wi-Fi – and enterprise devices to keep staff well-informed, enable memorable service experiences.

THE RESULT: Customers get a great experience through every channel. They can be greeted personally as they arrive, either by staff or through an acknowledgement via their mobile devices, and recognised and acknowledged when they shop online. Loyalty can move beyond simple price incentives to offer highly relevant and timely promotions while customers are actually browsing, in store or on a website.


THE CHALLENGE: Almost 80% of shoppers are willing to give some of their data over to retailers1 but retailers must be careful about how the data will be used. Maintaining an appropriately attentive personalised presence, without becoming intrusive, is the critical challenge for keeping customers loyal.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile marketing platforms, wireless infrastructure and Bluetooth connections can generate rich insights through Zebra analytics solutions. Even a simple spreadsheet record of a customer’s history, with scanners and card printers to bring the relationship to life, allows retailers to build a deep understanding of each customer’s shopping habits and preferences. This information can be used to create personalised marketing campaigns that build long-term brand loyalty and encourage recommendations.

THE RESULT: When customers feel welcome and valued, they are more inclined to buy and to come back for more. Personalised offers produce higher redemption and conversion rates; careful management and analysis of data can drive campaigns that reflect the long-term relationship with the customer. Every time a customer comes into a store, or browses online, or responds to an email, it can feel as though they’re being greeted and served in person.




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