Customer Loyalty

Today’s retail loyalty programmes are built on an understanding of customer behaviour, tracking how they browse and buy, and adapting your approach accordingly. Zebra retail solutions help you to approach the solution from a customer experience perspective.

  • Retail analytics

    Exploring the balance between offering a personalised retail experience and being intrusive.

  • Customer loyalty top tips

    This e-book outlines five ways to enhance retail customer loyalty and your bottom line.

  • European Retail Research

    Keynote retail research into customer expectations and experiences, and retailer technology usage.

Case study:

Find out how Carrefour increased customer loyalty and attracted new shoppers with in-store scanning.

The Zebra CC5000 customer concierge

Allows you to provide shoppers with the concierge-style service they dream of, while helping you strengthen relationships, improve loyalty, satisfaction and increase sales.

Customer personalisation: the right way

Learn how not to do the personalised retail experience in this blog article.

ZXP Series 3
Card Printers

Reliable and easy to use with a compact design, our ZXP Series 3 Card Printers are ideal for Retail. Whatever your requirements, this range has a solution for you.

The multi-channel retailing experience

Customers see products, not channels. What happens when the in-store customer experience and online retail journey collide?

Scan as you shop:

Learn how over 700,000 customers used Tesco's Scan as you shop across 300 stores.