One Store One Experience

Omni-channel Retailing

‘One Store, one experience’ enables you to create a consistent omni-channel retail experience for your customers, through combined technologies within - store mobility, delivery, loyalty, brand experience aND BIG DATA, regardless of the number of stores you operate or the channels you and your customers use. One store gives you the visibility you need to nurture customer relationships more effectively.

  • 'One Store One Experience’ white paper

    How to use new retail technology to get closer to customers, raise satisfaction levels and gain competitive advantage.

  • The customer-centric approach

    In this video we explore the changing landscape of multi-channel retail and how to successfully navigate it

  • 'One Store, one experience’ infographic

    Find out what shoppers want, and how retailers are adapting to provide it

What is One Store, one experience?

Blog article outlining our omni-channel approach to putting the customer first, and how to do it.

European Retail Research

Keynote retail research into customer expectations and experiences, and retailer technology usage, giving you invaluable insight.

One Store in multi-channel

Video exploring the changing landscape of multi-channel retail and how to navigate it.

Order fulfilment

How retailers are gaining retail supply chain visibility and increased customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty top tips

This e-book outlines five ways to enhance retail customer loyalty and your bottom line.

Optimising your retail brand

e-book exploring how retail technology can transform operations and the in-store customer experience.