EULA Classifications and Downloads

Zebra creates and distributes many software types:

  • Operating Systems/firmware that ships on hardware device
  • Drivers
  • Utilities


  • Development Tools
  • Applications 

Access to and the distribution of these software products is based on the following classifications:


Unrestricted Asset

Software products which are not delivered as demos. These can be downloaded at any time.

DemoWare Asset

Software products which are provided in demo form with limited use and functionality. These can be downloaded at any time. Once a demo product is licensed, it will be treated as Restricted.

Restricted Asset

Software products which are subject to controlled distribution.  Restricted Software products are available for download when a software access entitlement (a contract or other agreement) is in place and current. An access entitlement is obtained either via the software warranty (which entitles access for 90 days from when the instance of Software or Hardware are first shipped by Zebra or, with proof of purchase, from the purchase date whichever is later) or via a support contract of any level. For Hardware based products the entitlement is tracked by serial number, and for software based product is done via the software license key.