Requesting a ZebraDesigner or CardStudio License Reset to resolve License Already Used error | Zebra

Requesting a ZebraDesigner or CardStudio License Reset to resolve License Already Used error

Article ID: 63679162

Issue / Question

Requesting a license reset for a License Already Used Message

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner pro
ZebraDesigner para MySAP
ZebraDesigner para XML
CardStudio 1.27/1.30

License Already Used
License Already in Use

Resolution / Answer

This solution should be used by customers with ZebraDesigner (Pro, mySAP, or XML ) Version 2 or CardStudio 1.27/1.30

For ZebraDesigner software, the first suggested step is to upgrade to a current version. 
It is a free upgrade as long as you are already at a version 2 level. 
Version 1 is no longer available or supported and requires an update to version 2.
For CardStudio software, you should only upgrade if you have a specific issue to resolve and know there is a solution in a newer version.


If your design software is no longer activated or if your system has failed you will need to perform one of these procedures to re-enable .
ZebraDesigner and CardStudio software can only be activated on one PC at a time.


  • If you know the license number and have access to the PC where it is currently activated, follow these steps to move the license to a different PC: ZebraDesigner Pro v2 Software -- Moving a License Key to another PC
  • If you no longer have access to the PC where the license was activated but at least know the license number access our online reactivation form to request a reset for your license key:
  • The license reset form requires for the latest version of the software to be installed. If the latest version is not installed an error message will appear when submitting the form.

License reset requests for ZebraDesigner v2 and CardStudio 1.0 will cease from 31st of December 2020.
Customers are encouraged to migrate to CardStudio 2.0 or ZebraDesigner Professional 3.0.

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