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Wavelink - WEB license is not recognized after updating TelnetCE Client via MDM


Issue / Question

After updating from an earlier version of Wavelink TelnetCE, the user finds that they are no longer licensed for WEB Emulation using the newer version of TelnetCE.

Applicable To

All Zebra devices running WM or CE, TelnetCE, Wavelink

Resolution / Answer

When using an MDM to update the Wavelink TelnetCE software, the user will normally pull the updated .cab file from the PC Side Wavelink Configurator. 
This .cab file will contain everything needed to duplicate the Wavelink TelnetCE version and configuration on multiple devices.

This .cab file is placed in the \Application folder of the device and run. 
The MDM will be able to do all of this.
After the MDM sends down the .cab file and runs it, the unit will display a message similar to one below: 

The message will indicate that the previous version of Wavelink will be removed, so the new version can be loaded.
This will remove ALL files from the previous version... including License Files.

Once the new Wavelink TelnetCE version is loaded, the user will find that they no longer have a WEB license applied.
This is "AS DESIGNED". Installing a new Wavelink TelnetCE Client using the .cab file will always delete the previous version and licenses prior to installing the new version of TelnetCE.

If the customer was using the Wavelink License Server Utility, then the device will get its license back when it boots up.
If the Wavelink License Server Utility was not being used, then the user will need to manually input the WEB license again after the device was updated to the newer version.

If the user will be manually entering the license because they are not using the Wavelink License Server Utility, we HIGHLY recommend the following be done before running the .cab file:

*  Start the Wavelink TelnetCE Client and select Options-->Configure-->Authorization (Password is config)
*  Take a picture of your WEB license for that device.  This is done so you can manually enter it after the software update.  This assures the end user that they are reapplying the same license they previously had on that device.
This will eliminate any duplicate licenses from being entered.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC17
  • MC18
  • MC1x Personal Shopper Series
  • MC2100 移动数据终端
  • MC3090 移动数据终端
  • MC3100 移动数据终端
  • MC3190-Z RFID 读取器
  • MC3200 移动数据终端
  • MC3300
  • MC3300R 系列
  • MC3330R
  • MC3390R
  • MC36 移动数据终端
  • MC40
  • MC40 移动数据终端系列
  • MC40-HC
  • MC45 移动数据终端
  • MC45 NCF
  • MC55 移动数据终端系列
  • MC55A0
  • MC55A0-HC
  • MC55N0
  • MC55X
  • MC55X-HC
  • MC65 移动数据终端
  • MC67
  • MC67 基本版
  • MC67 双 WAN 版
  • MC67 移动数据终端系列
  • MC67 NA 移动数据终端
  • MC67NA 基本模型移动数据终端
  • MC67ND 移动数据终端
  • MC70 移动数据终端
  • MC75A HF RFID 读取器
  • MC75A 移动数据终端
  • 适用于医疗保健业的 MC75A0-HC 移动数据终端
  • MC9090 CE 移动数据终端
  • MC9090 WM 移动数据终端
  • MC9090-G RFID 读取器
  • MC9090-Z RFID 读取器
  • MC9190-G 移动数据终端
  • MC9190-Z RFID 读取器
  • MC9200 移动数据终端
  • MC9300 移动数据终端
  • MC9500-K 移动数据终端
  • VC5090 车载数据终端
  • VC6090 车载数据终端
  • VC70N0
  • WT4000 穿戴式移动数据终端
  • WT41N0