Zebra Designer 演示模式





ZebraDesigner Pro v2 software will not print the character "e" and a "z" is printed in that characters place.  Software not printing text or numbers accurately.  Cannot export a label to printer memory.  Cannot print more than 5 labels at a time.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Pro v2 in DEMO mode

Cause or Overview

When the software is in DEMO mode, or a license has not been purchased for activation, there are limitations that will be placed on the software


Restrictions related to running ZebraDesigner in demo mode

The copy of ZebraDesigner Pro that can be downloaded and installed from the Zebra.com web site will run in "Demonstration Mode" until you purchase it and enter the serial number that you obtain when you purchase it, into the registration field that pops up when you run the application.

Here are the limitations of the application when it runs in "Demonstration Mode"

DEMO limitations

  • Printing is limited to max. 5 labels at once
  • The export functionality is disabled.
  • All “e” characters are turned into “z”


In order to allow for full functionality of the software you can purchase a license key from Zebra.com on the support page for the ZebraDesigner Pro v2 software.  Please keep this key safe and on record as lost license keys cannot be recovered and a new license will need to be purchased in the event that the license is lost.

Helpful information

Download and Purchase ZebraDesigner Pro v2  Read More>>

There is a free limited function version of ZebraDesigner you can download from our website Read More>>

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