ZebraDesigner 创建计数器过程





Creating a counter field using ZebraDesigner v2 and ZebraDesigner Pro v2

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software


You can create a text or barcode field with a counter value of your specifications.  The following procedure provides detail on how to do so.


 ZebraDesigner & ZebraDesigner Pro versions support the use of a counter by selecting either:

  1. Text, New Counter option

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  1. Bar code, New Counter option.

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This allows the software to use a start value and then count (Increment or Decrement) and print on a label as a Text field or linked to a Barcode field.

Text Counter Process

  • Select Text 
  • Choose New Counter 
  • Then click anywhere on the label, the Text Wizard dialog box will now be displayed


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  • The properties of the starting value can be setup and every-time you print or open the label the value will always reset to this starting value.
    You are able to increment (go up) or decrement (go down) and you are also able to select the maximum number of digits to allow. 
  • Once you have set these as required select the Next button


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  • You are now able to select whether the counter will change in steps of 1 or more and if you want to change the value every 1 label or after a specific quantity of labels printed. 
  • If you have require the counter to rollover (start again) after a specific count you can check the 'Rollover when reached' box and then enter the value to rollover at in the field underneath. 
  • Once completed select the Next button


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  • If you have requirements to place a Prefix or Suffix to the counter you can add this in these fields.
    Example: If using a counter of 200 and you require the field to be displayed as SZ200 you would place SZ in the Prefix field. 
  • Once entered or if you do not require this feature select Finish. 
  • This should then show the counter field on the label.


Storing counter

The ZebraDesigner software programs do not store the last value printed of the counter. 
Therefore if you start at 1 and print 100, the next time you go to print you will start at 1 again.

Counter prompt before print

To ensure that you are starting at the correct value, you can use the Prompt for value before print selection in the properties screen.

  • If you click the check box you can then enter a prompt to be displayed at print time


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  • When I print, the print screen will show the prompt for the start value with the default value already entered. If you want to start from a different number you would overtype the value and select Print.


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