ZebraDesigner 软件许可证密钥位置


Issue / Question

The license key for activating your ZebraDesigner Pro v2 software can be found in one of two places.  This is dependent on how the license key was purchased.

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner Pro v2, ZebraDesigner for XML v2, ZebraDesigner for MySAP v2

Resolution / Answer

If the software was purchased as a hard copy coming with the disc you will find the license key on a sticker within the box and possibly on the purchase order.  If the license was purchased online you will receive a verification email containing the license key for the software.  Please keep this key safe and on record as lost license keys are not recoverable and a new license will need to be purchased.

Version 1 of the software is discontinued and no longer available.  Support has also ended for this software.  The solution is to upgrade to Version 2 of the software.  This is not a free upgrade and does require a new license to be purchased.  Any label files created with Version 1 should work with Version 2.

Current license keys should be in the format of 733000-123456-123456 where the 123456-123456 is unique to the license that it is associated with.  If you are going to be moving the license from one PC to another you need to ensure that you "Internet Deactivate" your license using the License Manager software that installs with the application.

Note:  If a PC crashes or becomes no longer accessible to perform a deactivation on the license, install the current version of the of the software on the PC you intend on using the software on and provide the requested details on the License Reset Request Form at the below link: 


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  • 105SLPlus 工商用打印机
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