Heavey RF Backs Psion Omnii Platform with Initial 400-unit XT10 Purchase

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

This press release was issued by Psion prior to its acquisition by Motorola Solutions on Oct. 1, 2012. For all Psion press releases prior to Oct. 1, 2012, click here.

Company extends business model thanks to Psion’s Open Source Mobility strategy

LONDON, UK, 11 APRIL 2011. Psion PLC (PON.L) today announced that Heavey RF, the leading provider of mobile solutions using radio frequency (RF) technology, has endorsed Psion’s Open Source Mobility (OSM) strategy with an initial purchase of 400 devices for its operations in the UK and Ireland. It is focusing on upgrading its existing customers to the new devices.

A long-standing platinum partner of Psion, the company is leading the way in the provision of Omnii modules, which alongside OSM, is enabling Heavey RF to extend its current business model in new and exciting ways. With modularity and Psion’s OSM strategy, Heavey RF now keeps the most common modules in stock and can build customers a device in house in a matter of minutes.

“It’s true to say that Psion, OSM and Omnii have enhanced our business because they enable us to give our customers an increased level of flexibility, technology choice as well as rapid, customised service,” explained Rob Garrett, Managing Director of Heavey RF UK. “Thanks to Psion Omnii, we can now meet most of our customer’s requirements with off the shelf product. Things like keyboard, scanners, screens and pistol grip can be added to an Omnii device to meet the order requirements, instead of waiting 4 to 6 weeks for a similar product from another manufacturer.”

With devices from other manufacturers, partners like Heavey RF would be stuck with the standard configuration unless they could wait for a re-manufacture or expensive upgrade of a device. With Psion’s Omnii platform, most customer requirements can be met within the course of a business day.

“Omnii is truly transformative for our business,” says Garrett. “We can now build a complete unit out of our own stock. This not only dramatically reduces demand on our supply chain; it equally dramatically cuts our time to revenue. We can now build products to precise specifications and if that particular customer’s needs change, we can bring the same unit back and rebuild it equally fast right in our own workshops.”

Heavey RF now also offers module-based repairs and is even able to provide on-site upgrades for the first time.

The company says it is only just beginning to appreciate the value that Omnii is bringing to its business. It’s helping us evolve our business model and give our customers the benefit of enhanced responsiveness and flexibility.

“Normally, when a company releases a new product you face compromises. Not with Psion. Not only has the company given us an exciting new way of doing business with the capabilities that modularity brings, they have also provided a product in the XT10 that dramatically improves on key components, such as improved battery, scanners and screens,” said Garrett. “We couldn’t ask for more from a vendor.”

About Psion

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