Motorola Solutions Connects Chengdu Metro Private Network with Emergency Linkage Wireless Command System

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

Motorola Solutions Connects Chengdu Metro Private Network with Emergency Linkage Wireless Command System

Motorola Solutions TETRA System to deliver safe and seamless network interconnect for Chengdu Metro

Beijing, January 11, 2012 — Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that it has successfully delivered a 800MHz TETRA Digital Trunking System-based wireless dispatch command communication system and service for No.2 Line of Chengdu Metro. The first cross-network call was successfully initiated on December 15, 2011.The system will be connected with the TETRA system of No.1 Line currently in operation, and is the first of its kind in China’s rail transit industry.

This is the first interconnection between a metro private wireless scheduling system and a existing ground emergency linkage 800M TETRA Digital Trunking System. Smooth metro dispatching communication is effectively guaranteed, and solid assurance is provided for orderly emergency linkage commanding communication in the metro, thus saving considerable investment for Chengdu.

Key Facts:

• Motorola Solutions started the system deployment at No.2 Line of Chengdu Metro in the third quarter of 2011, and provided the installation, supervision, commissioning tests, management, planning and other services.

• The interconnection achieves real-time communication with the metro and ground departments, and reduces the need to build a government affairs network over the metro private network, thus reducing the cost of network building and maintenance.

• To facilitate emergency management and security assurance, the TETRA communication system can concurrently be used in metro command, dispatch and emergency security command scheduling, and the interconnection achieves efficient allocation and sharing of network resources.

• Motorola Solutions’ TETRA Digital Trunking System enables various commands to be quickly and accurately transmitted to the two-way radios of first responders across their respective “private voice channel” to enable rescuers to conduct their work efficiently and in an orderly manner. Efficient and rapid command and dispatch also actively helps to prevent the accident of line-wide collapse and secondary incidents due to on-site disorder.

• With over 80 years in providing mission-critical communication, Motorola Solutions has provided TETRA digital trucking communication system services to metros/rail transit in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other large cities across China.

• Drawing upon its hardware development strength and sound hardware development and test lab, the TETRA Network Infrastructure Development Team at Chengdu Software R&D Centre has acquired abundant R&D capabilities.

• Motorola Solutions has made special designs for product reliability, real-time flexibility and centralized traffic volume processing in TETRA digital trucking communication system, and can provide fast, flexible and comprehensive service to users in the rail transit industry.


Supporting Quotes:

Wu Zhong, Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Metro:
“Chengdu Metro takes providing citizens with a safe and fast transport means as its mission. Motorola Solutions’s advanced and reliable wireless communications system can meet the metro’s demands for operation management and maintenance and emergency handling,” The cooperation has improved our operation dispatching, management and maintenance and won great support from the Chengdu Government. We firmly believe that Motorola Solutions’s interconnection wireless communication dispatching solution will provide a trustworthy and powerful guarantee for Chengdu Metro’s safe operation and efficiently cope with the expanding metro operation network and the growing annual passenger volume.”

Chew HockSiong, General Manager of Motorola Solutions’ Government and Public Safety Business:
“We are much honored to serve Chengdu Metro and help our customer to achieve the first interconnection between the government affairs network and the metro private network. The cooperation embodies Chengdu Metro’s recognition and trust of Motorola Solutions and foresight as a leader in the metro industry. While enabling the government and the metro to perform efficient emergency commanding management, the project reduces cost and ensures smooth metro communications and safe operations. Building upon our sound technology and profound understanding of customer demands, Motorola Solutions will continue to provide rail transit enterprises with world-class, tailored and professional wireless communications solutions and services.

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