Cuneyt Taskiran

Cuneyt Taskiran: Strategic Business Development Manager, Chief Technology Office, Zebra

Strategic Business Development Manager, Chief Technology Office, Zebra

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For the last 14 years, Cuneyt Taskiran has been working on developing innovative machine learning and video analytics solutions that solve complex problems for Zebra customers. Over the past 10 years, he has focused on designing and productizing Zebra’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence solutions for Intelligent Automation in the logistics and retail sectors.

In his current role as Strategic Business Development Manager, Mr. Taskiran is responsible for developing and assessing new business opportunities, as well as incubating emerging Zebra technology, in Zebra’s Chief Technology Office.

Prior to Zebra, Mr. Taskiran worked as a technical project lead and a principal research engineer at Motorola Enterprise Solutions, where he led development of video analytics systems for consumer and public safety applications. Zebra acquired this Motorola business in 2014.

Mr. Taskiran holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MA in Linguistics both from Purdue University.

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