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Mike Montana: Senior Business Development Manager, Temptime | Zebra

Senior Business Development Manager

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For nearly two decades Mike Montana has helped Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies improve process controls in manufacturing and supply chain. Over the past eleven years as a Sr. Business Development Manager at Temptime, Zebra company, he has helped organizations such as Amgen, AbbVie, McKesson, Novartis, Zimmer, Edwards Life Sciences and others improve visual controls for monitoring temperature of sensitive medical products such as biological drugs, vaccines and medical devices from manufacture through the “Last Mile”. 

He also worked for North America’s largest industrial, specialty and medical gas manufacture Praxair for nearly eight years. There, he helped organizations such as Lilly, Pfizer, Roche, Cook Pharmacia, Cook Biotech, Baxter, and others improve controls for lyophilization, fermentation, large scale bio reactors, inert packaging and cryogenic storage and shipping. 

Mike is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and lives in Indianapolis with his wife and three children.  

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