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Patricia Lacey: Senior Business Development Manager, SaaS – SmartCount EMEA | Zebra

Senior Business Development Manager, SaaS – SmartCount EMEA

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Patricia Lacey is currently the Senior Business Development Manager for SmartCount in Zebra’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business unit in EMEA. She is responsible for introducing SmartCount to retailers across EMEA, sharing with them a different way of managing their stock counts in a more productive and cost-effective way. Patricia has more than 25 years of experience within the retail security industry and is always bringing new ideas to address the challenges faced on a day to day basis. 

Prior to joining Zebra, Patricia was an Account Director selling electronic tagging (EAS) at Checkpoint Systems for many years.  With strategic account management, Patricia was able to demonstrate a strong return on investment (ROI) to her customers and profit to the bottomline. Delivering RFID programs to major retailers was particularly interesting, and she enjoyed being involved with the early RFID adopters.  

To be at the front of the curve sits well with Patricia as she has a more consultative approach to sales.  Introducing SmartCount to Zebra’s customer base has been so rewarding, especially when their feedback is exceptional.  Thinking out of the box and being creative has always been Patricia’s strength. Success is built from really working with the retailer, understanding their challenges, and ensuring solutions hit the right note. Making sure she stays in tune with current trends, Patricia recently completed an ADBL (Advanced Digital Business Leadership) Diploma which was self-funded to help understand digital transformation, especially in the retail sector.

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