Achieving Visibility

The Role of RFID in Lean Manufacturing

Today, RFID technology can give every manufacturing asset a digital profile. Visibility of that profile helps manufacturers to incorporate lean manufacturing processes and achieve operational excellence.

Here is practical guidance on implementing the RFID technology that is improving manufacturing visibility and driving the factory of the future.

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Making a financial case for migration

As a number of stakeholders are involved, use our guide here to develop a robust financial case for investing in Zebra AIDC solutions.

Our vision of the Factory of the Future

The key to less waste, reduced downtime and more streamlined manufacturing processes is the actionable information that results from visibility of production data. Watch our video to learn more.

Hear from our experts

Chris Horne, Regional Sales Manager, looks at the key issues facing manufacturers today. 

Complexities facing the modern manufacturer

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How to overcome complexity

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The changing face of manufacturing

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David Taylor, Business Development Manager, looks at the implications of control and verification using RFID technology. 


Changes in demand

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Improving track and trace and verification with RFID

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Egon Guilliams, Director, Solutions Engineering, reviews the key requirements and benefits of best-in-class plant floor visibility solutions.

Key components of a plant floor visibility solution

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Technologies that improve visibility

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John de Wit, Director of Sales, Industrial Engineering, outlines what needs to happen for manufacturing to achieve lean production and the fully integrated value chain

The future of manufacturing

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Matthew Parker, Head of Market Development, explores how the factory of the future delivers greater value by harnessing and using data as never before.

The importance of manufacturing

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What will the factory of the future look like?

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How to make it real

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