Enhance patient safety with barcodes

Download our positive patient identification: Use barcoding technology to enhance patient safety and reduce risk whitepaper.

Medical barcode wristbands give healthcare organisations the assurance that they are working with the right patient, and the right medication, at the right time, eliminating the risk of potential patient misidentification errors.

Our brief guide to positive patient identification outlines the advantages of the barcode technology solutions available, and how ensuring positive patient ID prevents medical errors.

  • Overcome the challenge of illegible medical notes and move towards electronic patient records
  • Find out how to produce, apply and check patient wristbands
  • Learn the benefits of barcode wristband printing and scanning

With patient safety vital, and hospital administration and budgets in mind, matching medical ID bracelets to samples, specimens and paperwork is the secure, reliable means of eliminating errors and ensuring positive identification. Download the guide now.