Medical mobile
printing solutions

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Combining mobile printing with barcode technology in a healthcare environment supports better patient care, safer working practices, and significantly reduces the misidentification errors that put patients at risk.

Phlebotomists carrying mobile computers can easily match electronic patient records with patients and with specimen blood samples.

Blood samples and specimen collections
Mislabelling of blood samples or specimens causes serious delays in commencing treatment on the correct patient. Medical ID wristbands provide a visual confirmation of the patient.

Blood tube and specimen identification and labels
Printing labels at bedside, on-demand, one-at-a-time virtually eliminates the possibility of applying the wrong label to the specimen, with no risks of confusion or error a return to the nursing station might entail.

Patient misidentification
Identification errors have serious implications for more than one patient. Wireless mobile printing solutions help to reduce errors in medical ID to a minimum to ensure patient safety.

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