Post and Parcel

As competiton increases in the postal and courier sectors, efficiency and customer service are critical factors for business success.

Tracking and tracing of letters, parcels and assets is made easier with Zebra's wide range of bar code and label printing solutions.

Typical Post and Parcel applications include:

  • Sortation / Logistics - sorting, tote, cage, address, routing, mail sack labels and tags
  • Post Office - electronic stamp, registered mail, address labels and receipt
  • Business Post - registered mail, address, shipping labels and mail bag tags
  • Mobile Postman - registered mail tracking, receipt, invoice, parcel collection
  • Courier express - parcel and document tracking, labels, receipt, invoices

New innovations include:

  • MZ printer - small, fast, lightweight and easy to carry with long battery life - ideal for the postman
  • Zebra Routepallette accommodates the RW420 and handheld terminal in a single, lightweight, easy to carry unit
  • The RW 420 Print Station integrates Zebra's core mobile printing technology into a single, compact, lightweight and rugged unit capable of supporting a Motorola® handheld terminal.

Which printers for Post and Parcel:

“Zebra printers have provided a very good ROI..they are easy to use, stable and I would unreservedly recommend them to other companies”. 'Ólafur Tr. Þorsteinsson C.I.O Iceland Post

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