About Retransfer

Retransfer printers print onto a flexible transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card, unlike traditional dye-sublimation card printers, which use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card.

In general, benefits of retransfer printing include:

  • Higher image quality and print resolution
  • The ability to print on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards
  • True edge-to-edge printing (via over the edge printing)
  • Traditional card printers must leave a white border because printing up to the edge would damage the printhead
  • The ability to print on non-PVC cards. Dye sublimation requires a porous surface available only with PVC cards
  • More durable and abrasion-resistant cards
  • Some fraud protection, since the film is inherently tamper-evident


Zebra’s innovative technology

Based on Zebra’s innovative technology the ZXP Series 8 printer achieves record print speed while maintaining top image quality.

  • Inspired by Zebra’s photo-printer technology, the ZXP Series 8 printer uses image-processing algorithms to eliminate image errors normally resulting from high printing speeds – enabling photo-quality images and print resolution
  • The patent-pending simultaneous two-sided image-transfer process applies the film to both sides of the card in a single pass, unlike other retransfer printers which flip the card over for a second pass
  • The efficient landscape printing mode further increases print speed by printing from the top, shorter side of the card towards the bottom side

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