The Warehouse is Changing

More item-level picking and returns. A dizzying amount of complexity. Demands for shorter delivery times. High workforce turnover. All these factors are putting you under greater pressure to fulfill more orders in less time with fewer long-term employees. That’s the new reality of warehousing.

On top of that, you can’t afford to ignore what’s going to happen after January 1, 2020. Microsoft® is ending its extended support of Windows® Embedded and Mobile operating systems. That means more security risks and diminishing capabilities from your legacy Windows devices.

How well you adapt to these forces depends in great part on how quickly you migrate to modern mobile devices—modernizing with Android™ is the path to faster, leaner operations.

Four Changes Warehouses Can't Avoid

Make This a Pivotal Moment by Modernizing Your Mobile Computing Devices
e-commerce icon

E-commerce Boom

$4.5 trillion online global retail sales by 20211
Time crunch icon

Time Crunch

78% of logistics firms expect to offer same-day deliveries2
Labor Shortage icon

Labor Shortage

36% rate of worker turnover3
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Microsoft's End of Support

Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 by 2020
Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 by 2021

Sources: (1) Zebra Warehousing 2020 Global Study, Zebra 2016; (2) The Future of Fulfillment Vision Study, Zebra 2018; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

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