TC20 Reference

TC20 Reference

Power Pack for Zebra TC20

When your devices stop working, so do your employees. Zebra’s snap-on PowerPacks make it easy to add hours of extra power on the fly. And with an LED charge level indicator, you can see the charge level at the press of a button.

Trigger Handle for Zebra TC20
Trigger Handle

Inventory accuracy is key to serving your customers, but scanning inventory, back-of-shop operations and shop receiving can be uncomfortable and time consuming. Adding Zebra’s snap-on trigger handle makes scanning for extended periods of time comfortable and intuitive. (Only for use with EDA form factor.)

RFID Gun Handle for Zebra TC20
RFID Gun Handle

When selling clothes, it’s a chore to dig around to find the barcode you need. Zebra’s snap-on RFID gun handle makes it quick for fast fashion and boutique retailers that have invested in RFID to collect the item information they need, without digging through waistbands and collars. (Compatible with premium EDA version only.)

Hand Strap for Zebra TC20
Hand Strap

Add an extra layer of comfort and security to your mobile computer with the hand strap. It’s an affordable and effective way to keep your TC20 in your hands or just within reach.

Single Slot Cradle for Zebra TC20
Single Slot Cradle

Charge and update your device simultaneously with Zebra’s single-slot cradle with Ethernet connectivity. It’s the perfect way to keep your device’s software up-to-date when it’s not in use.

Five Slot Cradle for Zebra TC20
5-Slot Cradle

Keep all your mobile computers charging in one place with this 5-slot, charge-only share cradle.

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