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Where It Works

How You Can Put the TC20 to Work

There are so many things you have to get done when you run a small business, and so many ways the TC20 can help you complete them. Whether you run a shop, a hotel, a restaurant or an office, here are a few examples of how the TC20 can keep you ahead of the competition.


When you run a shop, your customers depend on you to have the products they need at the prices they want. The least bit of disorganisation can turn a loyal customer into a sale for a competitor. The TC20 makes it easy and affordable to stay organised. Built for small business, the TC20 brings efficiency, communication and organisation to the retail space.

Scanning Stock

The longer it takes you to source inventory, the less accurate your inventory count is. While consumer devices scan barcodes with a camera optimised for taking selfies, the TC20 has an integrated dedicated barcode scanner that’s optimised to make scanning inventory take a fraction of a second, so you can get more stock cheques done in less time.

Checking and Changing Prices On-Shelf

An inaccurate price tag can lead to customer frustration or you taking a loss on the sale. The TC20’s integrated barcode scanner makes checking and changing prices faster, easier and accurate. And if you need a lot of prices checked in a short amount of time, snap-on the trigger handle to add even more speed and comfort to the price-checking process.

Communicate With Staff Members

If you rely on walkie-talkies for communication in addition to the devices you use to scan barcodes, you’re burdening your workforce with multiple bulky electronics to carry and manage. You need one slim device that does it all. The TC20 comes pre-loaded with the Workforce Connect communication app, allowing you to quickly contact your employees with TC20s using instant messaging and push-to-talk.

Parcel Pickup And Drop-Off

With an increase in online shopping comes an increase in shipping and returns. The TC20 makes it easy to bring in new customers by making your shop a parcel pickup and drop-off location. Just scan the parcel’s barcode and software on the TC20 uses fast Wi-Fi connectivity to instantly notify the parcel service that the package is ready for pickup.

Reordering Stock

When you’re out of stock, you miss out on potential sales. The TC20’s integrated barcode scanner, ultra-fast Wi-Fi connectivity and DataWedge software lets you make faster, more frequent stock cheques so you keep an accurate record of your inventory. And with optional real-time inventory tracking applications, you’ll know exactly when you need a new order to ensure shelves are never bare, keeping customers satisfied and helping you get ready to move into the e-commerce space.

Expand Your E-Commerce Capabilities

Your shop might have a great location, but if it’s not online, you’re missing out on sales. The TC20 helps optimise your business with fast Wi-Fi connectivity, an integrated barcode scanner for reliable scanning and optional inventory software that takes customer orders, helps you quickly locate the items and pack them for shipment. And because the TC20 is made to work with Zebra printers, you can print shipping labels instantly for fast delivery to customers.  


Whether you run a hotel or a restaurant, if you want your guests to feel welcome, you need to put them first. And that means reducing guest frustrations. That’s where the TC20 comes in. With Zebra’s TC20 mobile computer, you can make it easy to take orders, check loyalty privileges and make sure every one of your guests has a pleasant stay.

Tableside Ordering

There’s nothing worse than taking an order, only to forget or misremember part of it when it comes time for you to key it in. The TC20 boosts order accuracy and guest satisfaction by allowing your staff to key in orders right next to the table. It can even survive wine spills and accidental drops to the floor without skipping a beat.

Checking Guests In

No one likes waiting in line at a busy check-in counter. Increase customer satisfaction and eliminate mistakes from pen-and-paper tracking with mobile check-in on the TC20. When a guest arrives, fast Wi-Fi lets you connect to your hotel’s application and instantly verify the reservation, scan loyalty cards and confirm that the room is prepared. If a guest arrives early, you can escalate room cleaning with Workforce Connect.

Preparing Guest Rooms for Check-in

Housekeeping has a lot to do to prepare guestrooms for check-in. Rather than going through a pen-and-paper checklist, the TC20 allows you to automate room cleaning and restocking. Staff can scan barcodes to see if rooms have been cleaned, or flag rooms for extra services, such as minibar restocking. And if a room needs service immediately, the TC20’s Workforce Connect software allows you to quickly communicate with your staff with push-to-talk or instant messaging.

Tracking Hotel Inventory

There are a lot of things you need to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay. The TC20’s fast Wi-Fi connectivity, barcode scanning and DataWedge application help you track and trace every piece of inventory – from toiletries, to laundry supplies to the stock behind the hotel bar. This sophisticated level of tracking allows for just-in-time ordering, ensuring your hotel is always stocked with every comfort of home.

Facility Management

When you manage an office space, you have to keep track of everything from office supplies to furniture to technology. You need a way to keep everything organised, cleaned, accounted for and secure. The Zebra TC20 mobile computer allows you to automate nearly every operational task and track every asset, from computers to individual files, so you know exactly where to look for anything your office needs.

Asset Tracking

Facility managers and IT professionals have a lot to manage. The TC20’s integrated barcode scanner and fast Wi-Fi connectivity make it simple to keep tabs on important assets like computers, files and inventory. Plus, it makes auditing much easier.

Facility Management

When cleaning a facility, it can be hard to remember which rooms have been cleaned and which haven’t. The TC20 allows cleaning crews to track completed tasks with the integrated barcode scanner and the ability to communicate quickly with Workforce Connect instant messaging.


Security guards usually have to carry around keys and bulky radios to confirm they’ve made their rounds. The TC20 combines everything they need into one device, allowing guards to stay in constant communication with Workforce Connect and push-to-talk. Plus, the integrated barcode scanners can be used to prove guards have checked each room.