About Zebra

About Zebra

Driving Innovation in Business for 45 Years

As a small business owner, you know as well as anyone that you’re only as good as your reputation. And while you may not have heard of Zebra, you interact with us every day. Received a parcel? We helped the logistics company get it to you on time. Picked up some groceries? We helped the checkout line move faster.

We’ve been innovating across the globe for 45 years.

In 1982, we created the world’s first handheld barcode scanner and barcode printer.

In 1997, we developed the first wearable computer.

And in 2016, we developed the first all-touch Android Mobile Computing Inventory Solution.

We live and breathe your business environment, building products that help you work faster, smarter and better in the face of today’s industry challenges.

The proof is in our customers’ success. We’ve empowered the world’s largest businesses with innovative, durable mobile devices that improve efficiency, sales and productivity. We’re the global market leader in mobile computing, scanning, and printing from desktop, tabletop and mobile. And now we’re putting all that experience, all that innovation and all that success in your pocket with the TC25.

These days, businesses need to get more done. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or if you have one employee or 100, if you want to get more work done, you need a device that’s up to the task. You need the TC25.

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