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As "The Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider" of the NFL, Zebra is committed to supporting the league’s ongoing initiative of improving the way fans, teams and networks watch, coach, play and analyze the game using
Zebra MotionWorks™ real-time, revolutionary player-tracking system.

How It Works

As "The Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider" of the NFL, we capture high-speed player data and convert it into real-time, usable statistics. Imagine the playbook redefined with every snap.

How It Works

Tags on players track vital stats, indoors and out, to within 6".

How It Works

Coaches use motion data to change their game.

How It Works

Algorithms aggregate players' stats and display them in real-time.


Easy integration with graphics systems, for both live broadcast and replay.


Real-time stats on players create a deeper fan experience.


Training applications visualize player data, making practice more powerful.

From the football field to the factory,
Zebra tracks what is most important to you.

Visibility Where It's Needed

We believe that solutions should emerge as quickly as the game is played. For manufacturers, real-time visibility means fewer line shut downs and better products for consumers. Healthcare providers can better protect patient safety. And retailers can provide outstanding customer service.

Imagine the Possibilities

Zebra's Visible Value ChainTM turns the physical into digital - you'll know the location,
motion and state of assets, people and transactions throughout your organisation, so you can
make smarter decisions based on meaningful data.

As part of its Next Gen Stats sports statistics program, the NFL has a vision to enhance the fan experience through technology. NFL fans have an insatiable appetite for player statistics, and the Zebra MotionWorks™ solution will provide a bevy of irrefutable data to enhance the fan experience in the stadium and at home.

Zebra successfully implemented the Zebra MotionWorks™ solution for UWash, which captured and archived the on-field statistics of its players in three games during the 2013 season. Coaches can use these insights to evaluate player performance and make decisions that enhance the game. Capturing the location, motion and state of UWash players translates into a Visible Value Chain™ that can be used to enhance performance, expand the team’s propensity for success and engage the fans: a true game-day victory.

Vail Resorts implemented a Visible Value Chain™ solution to reduce theft and fraud, but found new business value. Data generated by ski passes is used to provide skiers with personal stats and even photographs from the slopes, all of which is shared via social media for over 100 million positive impressions in two years.

Today, the Shanghai Women's team has more effective training sessions. Coaches have greater visibility into player dynamics, and they can customize workouts to focus on speed, agility and other crucial aspects of the game. Zebra MotionWorks™ solution converts the physical movement of players to digital data intelligence, which enables a transparent picture of the Shanghai Women’s Soccer team’s Visible Value Chain™, so they can make smarter decisions based on meaningful data.

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