Asset Management

Reduce losses, increase productivity, and improve profits through accurate asset tracking and management. Cost-effectively meet virtually any tracking need regardless of size or security level with Zebra asset tracking solutions. Zebra's barcode and RFID technologies simplify the recording of changes to an asset's location, condition and availability—ensuring timely and accurate information is available to you and your staff. Zebra specialty printers, labels and software solutions maximize performance, meeting the most exacting asset management programme specifications.

Organizations across multiple industries are looking for ways to increase profits; reduce service, repair, and maintenance operations costs; better manage capital expenditures; avoid equipment downtime; and improve asset utilisation. Zebra's SAP solutions can help organisations manage physical assets over the complete asset life cycle, and can assist in performing important business processes, including maintenance and repair, service parts inventory management and asset information management.

In asset-intensive industries—such as automotive, metals, mining, oil and gas, process manufacturing, utilities, and the public sector—the reliability and productivity of capital assets is essential to an organisation's financial success. Maintenance of these assets can dramatically impact the overall performance and useful life of an asset. Accordingly, asset owners/operators and asset service providers are continually trying to improve their maintenance practices.

Products for Asset Management