Mobile Warehouse

Zebra mobile printers and networking options provide a wide variety of printing solutions for both SAP R/3 and SAP NetWeaver platforms, meeting the needs of direct store delivery, field service and mobile warehouse operations. Zebra's printing technology can be used across many applications from shipping labels to service/warranty receipts. Businesses can improve productivity, gain greater visibility, shorten picking times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile printing from R/3 can be accomplished using SAPConsole (Telenet session) or from Web SAPConsole for mobile transaction processing. 

The printer is defined in the backend spool system in the same way as any other printer. In general, the printer will be connected to the network via Wi-Fi® and therefore will work in the same way as any TCP/IP connected printer.


Mobile printing from the SAP NetWeaver platform is accomplished through Mobile Infrastructure, where MI is installed locally on a mobile device and is equipped with a Web server, a database layer and its own business logic. Staff working remotely can therefore work offline and do not have to wait for a network connection to complete time-critical business applications.