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SOTI Connect for Zebra Printers

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SOTI Connect: Simple, Easy Printer Management

Eliminate costly downtime, simplify IoT printer management and reduce total cost of ownership—with SOTI Connect, a license offering from Zebra.

SOTI Connect is a highly flexible IoT management solution that enables administrators to deploy, configure, update and manage printers from a centralised location. The highly flexible, data-driven architecture quickly and easily supports deployment of new printers, reducing time-to-market and cutting costs.

Enjoy total printer visibility, configure printers easily, and avoid downtime and disruptions with SOTI Connect.

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  • Centralized Printer Management

    Manage thermal printers—regardless of type—from a single pane of glass.

  • Robust Data Analysis

    Get real-time information about printer health, status and more.

  • Slash Operating Costs

    Cut down maintenance and resource costs with instant and remote printer configuration.

  • Print Secure

    Easily configure printers to use secure connections, block unwanted access and ensure your data and infrastructure are protected.

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  • Printers

    Print with confidence knowing you have partner with over 50 years of thermal printing innovation by your side.

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  • Print DNA

    Ensure optimised performance with a suite of software applications and capabilities built into Zebra printers.

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