Zebra Card SDK for Value/Performance Card Printers

The Zebra Value/Performance Class SDK gives software developers the ability to quickly integrate commands into a card application for direct control of specific features and functions of Zebra's Value and Performance card printers. This SDK Supports Zebra P330i/P430i and P110i/P120i card printers.

Zebra's Value/Performance class card printer SDK comes with:

  • Programming documentation (command information, coding sequence and sample codes) and DLL's for:
    • Printer and graphics functions
    • Contact encoding with an integrated GemCore® contact encoder
    • Contactless encoding with the integrated GemProx® MIFARE® encoding module

  • An application to verify that the contact and contactless encoder in your printer is functioning correctly. This application was written using the very same information and sample code in this SDK.

  • A SDK reference manual describing the programming functions that control operations and deliver data for Zebra card printers.

  • An application programming interface (API) to provide functions to access card printer features.

For more information and/or SDK support, please email card_sdk_questions@zebra.com.


SDK Files for Value and Performance Class Printers



  • P110i
  • P110m
  • P120i
  • P330i
  • P330m
  • P430i

The following table shows the supported functions (Printer, Graphic, and Smart Cards) for the associated printer model:

Printer Graphic GemCore®
Smart Card
Smart Card
UHF Gen2
P110i™ 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
P110i™ 1/P120i™ 2/P110m™1 Yes Yes No No No
P330i™ 1/P330m™ 1/R3i 1 Yes Yes Yes P330i™ only P330i™ & R3i only
P430i™ 2/R4i 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 = single-sided printing
2 = dual-sided printing
3 = dual-sided printing, single-sided laminating
4 = dual-sided printing, dual-sided laminating

Basic printer functions supported by this SDK include:

  • Card Feeding
  • Card Cleaning
  • Encoding Cards - Smart Card and Magnetic Stripe
  • Front and Back Printing
  • Applying a Clear Varnish
  • Card Flipping
  • Lamination
  • Ejecting Cards
  • Status


All Zebra printers must be running on the latest firmware V1.16 to support the SDK. 
The firmware can be downloaded from the Zebra public website in Support & Downloads. For the P330i and P430i printers, the latest firmware and drivers (V5.00.13/V6.00.06) must be upgraded at the same time, and the firmware should be upgraded before the driver.

The Zebra printer drivers run on the following Windows® Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP Professional® with Service Pack 2
  • Windows 2000® with Service Pack 4
  • Windows Server 2003® Service Pack 2
  • Windows Vista®


Developers using this SDK will require the following skills:

  • Experience in developing applications with Microsoft® Windows® programming environments including Visual Basic® 6, Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET and Delphi®.
  • Experience in developing applications using dynamic link libraries (dll)
  • Experience with Microsoft's Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI)