AppGallery — the best way for enterprise mobile computing users to discover, purchase, deploy and update the enterprise apps that make the most of their Zebra mobile computers.

Whether you plan to purchase or have purchased Zebra mobile devices, you are on a quest to locate the right applications for those devices — apps that will maximize worker productivity, business efficiency and task accuracy, as well as the value of your Zebra mobile device investments.

And once those apps are identified, you need to purchase, deploy and ensure the distribution of timely app updates.

With AppGallery, you can do it all.

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The enterprise features you need

  • Showcase: a complete mobile app marketplace

    With the universe of applications for our mobile devices in one place, it’s easy to discover and purchase the right enterprise apps. The result?

    Zebra customers have access to the best enterprise apps, bringing faster business differentiation and innovation.

  • Easy to use, with complete application information

    This fully-featured app store allows browsing by category or device type.

    One click on an app provides a wealth of information, from a detailed description of the application to compatible devices, supported operating systems, reviews and what level of testing the app offers.

  • Tested apps your customers can trust

    Unlike other app stores, our apps offer one of three levels of testing. Every app offers Security Testing - where we check for malware and other security risks. Apps that have earned Compatible status have been tested for full compatibility with the mobile device. Apps that have earned the highest level, Validation, have been subjected to comprehensive testing of every feature utilized in the application — such as scanning and roaming — providing peace of mind that the app will provide workers with the peak performance required for a superior end-user experience and maximum productivity gains.

Easily buy, deploy and update apps 

  • Mobile Computers

    Capture and exchange the business-critcal information your business needs. 

    Mobile Computers

  • Printer Software

    Create customised print solutions or connect your printers to the cloud with Zebra printer software solutions.

    Printer Software


  • Solutions

    Zebra’s suite of solutions – complete with hardware, software, supplies and services – delivers unprecedented visibility, optimised operations and empowered workers. 


Mobility DNA

With Zebra's Mobility DNA, connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user applications, robust administration utilities and effortless applications development tools.

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Expand the capabilities of your mobile computers to improve operational efficiency and workforce productivity with best in class software applications developed by Zebra Partners. 

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