Radio Link Express

Radio Link Express enables enterprises with existing two-way radio systems to extend their Push-to-Talk (PTT) group communications to EWB100 voice communicators, SB1 Smart badges and voice-enabled mobile computers.

Available as an optional module for the NX4500 and NX6500, or as a stand-alone system, Radio Link Express lets both two-way radio users and Enterprise Voice users reach more colleagues, further enhancing responsiveness and productivity, while leveraging existing IT infrastructure. Radio Link Express leverages Zebra’s expertise in robust PTT solutions.

Enterprises with two-way radio systems can extend their communications capabilities by deploying Radio Link Express. It enables two-way radio users to communicate with users of Push-to-Talk enabled devices such as mobile computers, allowing an enterprise to provide the right device for every employee while maintaining communications between groups of users.

Radio Link Express Specification Sheet

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The enterprise features you need

  • Extensive interoperability

    Radio Link delivers PTT interoperability between two-way radios and Enterprise VoWLAN and Push-to-Talk enabled devices (including a broad range of Zebra mobile computers, SB1 Smart badges and Enterprise Wireless Communicators (EWB100), allowing different workers and work groups to use the best device for their specific needs while maintaining interoperability with other workers and work groups with different devices.


    Radio Link Express runs on the Mobile Extension Feature Appliance or NX 4500/6500 platforms, which together with the Radio Interface Unit (RIU), acts as a gateway to two-way radio donor devices. The donors function as transceivers to field radio devices — Radio Link Express simply bridges the radio communications to Zebra’s IP devices, such as mobile computers.

  • Leverage existing investments

    Radio Link Express allows enterprises to use their existing two-way radios and Zebra mobile computers, leveraging the Push-to-Talk Express Client that comes standard on many mobile computers.

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