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Scanner Control Application

Scanner Control App scanner software

Control Zebra Scanners from Your Mobile Device

Good things happen when you pair your Zebra scanner to a mobile device through our Scanner Control Application (SCA). You can easily control the beeper and LEDs, display scanned barcode data, access battery health metrics and so much more. Show SCA to your IT team, and they’re sure to get excited by its demonstration of just how effortless our scanners are to pair and control via a tablet or phone. If you want to duplicate any of SCA’s functionality in your own application, go ahead. Simply copy our source code.

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  • Scanner Settings

    Use SCA to set the beeper tone and volume, turn the LEDs on or off, and enable and disable symbologies – even remotely pull the trigger of your scanner. All these capabilities can be easily added to your app through our source code.

  • Advanced Capabilities

    From finding a lost imager to updating firmware and from querying asset data to accessing critical battery statistics, SCA’s advanced capabilities give invaluable control and actionable information to maximise uptime.

  • Applies to Android and iOS

    Try it for yourself. SCA has been designed to work on any Android and iOS device. Then, use our source code for either operating system to implement all SCA’s capabilities into your data capture applications.

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