WLAN Management and Security

The Wireless LAN security and management applications in this powerful suite work together to provide you network design, device management, monitoring and analysis, and network security features that let you efficiently plan and deploy – and protect – your network. 

WLAN Management and Security

AirDefense Infrastructure Management

Centralized management and control for wireless deployments – a single console for multi-vendor and multi-generation WLAN management.

AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions

A suite of vendor agnostic analysis tools that proactively optimise wireless LAN performance as well as remotely troubleshoot RF problems.

AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Prevent costly security breaches and limit lost revenue and reduced productivity from network downtime.

AirDefense Bluetooth® Monitoring

AirDefense Bluetooth® Monitoring is the world’s only solution for detecting suspicious Bluetooth devices, allowing retailers to address the very latest retail threat — the Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmer.

AirDefense Mobile

AirDefense Mobile is an essential security and network management tool that provides quick analysis and resolution of network issues.

FIPS Validation

The WiNG operating system makes it easy for government agencies to implement a FIPS-secure wireless network.

WING 5 Distributed Firewall

WiNG 5.5 dramatically increases security by extending protection right to the edge of your network. Every access point becomes a part of your firewall, preventing threats from entering your network unlike centralized WLAN architectures that allow threats to travel through your access points until they reach a controller, where they are finally terminated by a centralized firewall.

Proximity Awareness and Analytics

Drive real-time customer engagement and improve service delivery with wlan-based presence, locationing and analytics tools.


Secure Access Enrolment Server

Eliminate traditional guest servers by automatically moving guests to encrypted WPA2-Enterprise wireless networks.

WLAN Software Support

Keep your Zebra Wireless LAN up and running with the most current software releases. Our WLAN Software Support service provides the most cost-effective way to keep your wireless system updated and help ensure that your wireless infrastructure continues to run at optimal efficiency. This service helps to optimise network uptime, with around-the-clock access to technical experts and anytime access to software releases.