RF Management System

Take control of your wireless LAN and more with RF Management System 3 (RFMS 3). This complete management solution provides network and security control throughout the complete lifecycle of your wireless LAN (WLAN)- from planning and deployment through day-to-day monitoring and troubleshooting. And tight integration with Zebra’ s Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS) provides around the clock protection against unauthorized access as well as cost-effective compliance with HIPAA and other government and industry regulations.




Comprehensive Network Map
Automatically generates a complete network view of wireless LAN interconnectivity throughout the enterprise. Multi-view capabilities allow IT staff to understand how each device is connected on the LAN and the association patterns of wireless clients.

Mesh Visualization
Delivers a comprehensive view of mesh networks to enable staff to monitor link health and performance. Eases troubleshooting by identifying mesh link status and provides an accurate picture of the state of the mesh network. Real-time updates to the mesh network map keep IT staff equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge of mesh connected devices.

Integrates with Wireless Manager 2.0
Provides a complete network view of both indoor wireless LAN and outdoor wireless broadband infrastructure for flexible design and deployment.

Wi-Fi network planning suite
Identify and correct potential site problems in the planning stages, avoiding time-consuming and potentially costly re-work in network deployment.

Integrates with Wireless IPS
Enables immediate detection and termination of rogue devices; provides cost-effective compliance with government regulations.

Comprehensive reporting and CSV export
Generate reports on key statistics such as network usage and performance and export to CSV for flexible data analysis.

Flexible user roles
Administrators have full read/write access, and can create, modify, and delete projects; support personnel have read-only access to those tools necessary for support and troubleshooting functions.

3rd Party Monitoring
Supports device discovery, monitoring, and up / down status for non-Zebra network infrastructure devices.

Configuration Compliance
Ensures configurations of all wireless infrastructure remain in compliance and alerts administrators of any changes to device configuration.

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