Like many retailers today, you need to accomplish more with your existing staff and resources. The time spent dealing with inventory counts, price adjustments, returns and ordering is time taken away from customer service.

Fortunately you can reverse this trend by creating new efficiencies within your operations.

With Zebra's suite of efficiency solutions – from price management to inventory management – you can streamline your retail operations and do more with your existing resources. By significantly reducing the time it takes to complete behind-the-scenes workflows, your sales associates can spend more time engaged with customers. The results mean improved customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Realize the possibilities with Zebra Commerce’s Efficiency solutions:

Price Management:  Ensure proper pricing, tagging and signage in every store. Revise prices in real time, create tags and tickets with a mobile printer and activate new prices – all from a handheld device.

  • Mark Down/Re-ticket:  Change pricing on the spot. Create or recreate tags or self-service tickets on the floor.
  • Price Activation:  Change pricing on the floor through real-time notification to the Point of Service (POS) system.

Inventory Management:  Manage your stockroom, streamline receiving and benefit from real-time inventory insights.

  • Cycle Counts:  Perform real-time inventory counts with a mobile device. 
  • Mark Out of Stocks:  Remove items from store inventory with appropriate reason codes.
  • Transfers:  Enable merchandise transfers from store to store or to a distribution centre.
  • Receiving:  Extend your IT system to receive and process inventory using a mobile device – reducing shrinkage, loss and human error.
  • Stockroom Manager:  Organise and manage your stockroom to confirm inventory location from the sales floor.

Capture proof of signature for store-to-consumer and store-to-business deliveries.

Restock shelves when more goods are needed and communicate with the wholesaler.