Shoppers are more informed than ever before – often knowing more than retail associates. They turn to their smart phones or tablets for real-time information about products, prices and availability. And, if store lines are long, you risk losing that sale. If customer needs can’t be met on the spot, another retailer is only a few clicks away. 

With Zebra Commerce, sales associates have real-time access to inventory and product information and can find answers to customers' questions without leaving their sides. Sales associates can become product experts with the power to deliver a more engaging and satisfying customer experience.

The result: increased basket size, loyal customers and repeat business.

Secure your customers with Zebra Commerce’s Engagement solutions:

Sales Assist:  Display product descriptions, options and images on a mobile device for the customer.  Staff can see and recommend coordinating items – for example shoes, belts and other accessories to compliment a dress.

  • Sales Suggest:  Access detailed product information, images and alternative items.

Mobile Checkout:  Scan a barcode to get a price, add promotions and loyalty cards, and keep business moving with mobile checkout from any location. Customers can securely swipe their debit or credit cards and receive emailed or printed receipts.

Item Locator:  Check inventory, locate and reserve items within the store and request items from the stock room - all from a mobile device and while maintaining face time with the customer.

  • Item Inquiry:  Scan an item to get accurate pricing, a detailed description, stock status, sister store status (if available), images and more.
  • Sales Request:  Integrates with the Item Search application enabling the sales associate to “request” another associate pull the product from the stock room or another location on the sales floor.

Item Search:  Search and find the product the customer wants and determine if it is in the store or elsewhere in the supply chain. Look up by style, size or colour.

Registry: Take wish list creation to a new level with this next-generation registry solution. Customers can use a store-provided mobile device to create and shop from a registry list and to access detailed product information.