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Microsoft BizTalk RFID

What is Microsoft BizTalk RFID?

BizTalk RFID is an integral, RFID device-level management layer included within Microsoft's latest BizTalk Server 2006 R2 solution. Microsoft's approach to RFID eliminates many existing barriers by providing a uniform way to discover, communicate and manage RFID devices on the Microsoft® Windows® platform. BizTalk RFID includes the building blocks software developers need to build successful, plug-and-play vertical applications--everything from track-and-trace to asset tracking and inventory control.

How do Zebra products interact with Microsoft BizTalk RFID?

As a Microsoft Technology Adoption Partner, Zebra has developed a Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI) that allows the plug and play connection of Zebra RFID printer/encoders with BizTalk RFID. The DSPI allows users to:

  • Print and encode RFID tags
  • Acknowledgement of successful tag printing and encoding
  • Upload, store and manage print templates
  • Configure network connections

What Zebra RFID products are supported by BizTalk RFID?


  • R110Xi
  • R170Xi
  • R4Mplus
  • RZ400
  • R110PAX4
  • All smart label media


  • R110Xi HF
  • All smart label media