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Eurofresh FarmsFarms seamlessly print barcode labels with Zebra® Printers for 318 acres of tomatoes

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Eurofresh Farms

Eurofresh Farms, known for producing "America's Best Tasting Tomato," needed to connect its newly implemented JD Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with existing Zebra® ZM400™ printers for seamless printing of barcode labels used to tag cases and pallets of the 4.5 million pounds of produce it distributes weekly.

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Eurofresh created its own labels in just an hour.

About Zebra ZM400 Printers, ZebraLink Enterprise Connector, ZebraDesigner for XML
ZM400 printers are "work horses" in the hot, humid greenhouse environment. The ZebraLink Enterprise Connector software elminates the nee for expensive middleware, programming, or per-seat licenses, for a very cost-effective barcode printing and RFID encoding solution.

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Eurofresh Farms has long relied on technology to help create and deliver its products. To grow award-winning produce, the company runs computerized climate control systems in its greenhouses.


Eurofresh Farms has long relied on technology to help create and deliver its products. To grow award-winning produce, the company runs computerized climate control systems in its greenhouses.

Technology is also key to distributing 4.5 million pounds of fruit and vegetables every week to leading national retailers and club stores across the contiguous 48 states. Prior to shipping, Eurofresh tags cases and pallets with barcode labels – using Zebra® Zm400 printers – that provide the company and customers essential information about the contents.

When Eurofresh planned to implement Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, it needed to link the application with Zebra printers for seamless printing. Eurofresh required a simple way to connect the Windows-based Oracle application to its printers

– and it didn’t want to add expensive middleware.

With the ZebraLinkEnterprise Connector (ZEC) software, Eurofresh links its ERP application directly with Zebra printers. The software solution connects these two critical parts of its distribution process cost-effectively, without requiring additional middleware or programming. Additionally, Eurofresh keeps costs down because Zebra only requires licenses per server node – not per printer.

During the JD Edwards implementation, Eurofresh teamed with Zebra to configure a version of ZEC running in a virtualized server environment with open source Linux OS. The light-footprint software went in quickly and requires minimal maintenance.

The flexibility of the Zebra solution allows Eurofresh to more easily meet the specific needs of certain customers. For example, many customers require unique labeling on their reuseable plastic crates. Using ZebraDesignerfor XML, Eurofresh easily configures labels as needed, on its own.

“In an hour, we designed all our labels,” said Kevin Jensen, director of information technology at Eurofresh. “It’s very straightforward, drag-and-drop process, so making changes is really simple.”

Eurofresh also meets its various label needs with one type of Zebra printer, simplifying use and maintenance. Three identical Zebra Zm400 printers sit at each Eurofresh printing station with each printing a different type of label, eliminating the need to chance labels for the various label formats. Some labels require bard codes while others include information such as expiration date, country of origin, lot and item numbers.

The Zebra printers themselves, in place for years, have proven to be reusable for this new system – durable in the warm, arid summer or cooler winter environment of Southern Arizona.

“Zebra printers are work horses. We’ve had a good track record with them,” Jensen said.

During a rollout as big as an ERP implementation, the ZEC software provided a rapid way to link the new system with the company’s existing Zebra printers. Eurofresh enjoys a seamless printing process and a light technology footprint – reducing the number of moving parts where something could interrupt the company’s high-volume printing demands.

“We’d choose the [ZebraLink] Enterprise Connector again,” Jensen said. “It was so simple to get in and manage.”