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Voestapline is the industry leader in customized high-quality and high-tech steel products and solutions and is the leading European supplier of high-quality automotive components. Through the pilot implementation of a Zebra Location Solutions real-time location system (RTLS), including operational software, at its steel manufacturing plant in Austria, voestalpine was able to secure enhanced visibility to prevent incidents and improve overall worker safety around dangerous blast furnaces, ultimately creating an efficient, automated safety system.

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The Challenge

  • Ability to locate workers in hazardous environments in real-time
  • Need to minimize time used to find and assist workers in need
  • Obtain accurate verification of presence in allowed locations
  • Achieve efficient coordination of evacuations and rapid mustering

The Solution

Zebra Enterprise Solutions Real-Time Locating Systems

  • UWB/RFID RTLS Software
  • Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

  • Provide visibility for personnel to locate workers in need, even in difficult conditions with smoke and poor sight conditions
  • Improve compliance with safety regulations through automatic warnings
  • Increase incident prevention through innovative software capable of providing real-time visibility of critical assets
  • Automate processes for a safer and more efficient evacuation process
  • Gain real-time visibility of the blast furnace area and proved effective for finding missing persons


Business and Financial Benefits

  • Accelerated search and rescue time by nearly 100 percent
  • Demonstrated capabilities of supporting evacuation and search and rescue operations, actively supporting the prevention of incidents and accidents near the blast furnace

Why Zebra Enterprise Solutions?

  • Ability to provide UWB hardware and RTLS software integrated in a safety solution especially tailored for high demanding heavy industry environments
  • Offered an automated, state-of-the-art safety system to manage evacuations and ultimately save lives

Asset Visibility & Personnel Tracking

Know where your assets are personnel are at all times, in real time – even in challenging environments.

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Dart Sensors

Zebra's Dart ultra-wideband sensors integrate into Zebra UWB Real-Time Locating systems (RTLS) for visibility throughout your indoor, outdoor or even hazardous operations.

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Monitor the location of thousands of assets in real time with Zebra's Dart ultra-wideband tags. Available as a tag or a badge and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

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