Kiosk Printing

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase productivity with Zebra's nimble, low-maintenance kiosk printing solutions. Enable customers to print receipts, coupons, tickets and other documents from unattended kiosks at the point of need. These durable printers are quite popular in a number of industries for their versatility and convenience. All Zebra kiosk receipt printers use our proprietary looping presenter mechanism, which releases receipts to the visitor only after printing and cutting are complete, greatly minimizing paper jams.

Choosing a kiosk printer

Migrating Embedded Kiosk Printers

When migrating from one embedded/kiosk printer to another, it is important to note the physical differences between the models. Though printers may look similar and have similar functions, there are differences in printer footprint, size, and mounting. Please use the documents listed below as a quick reference when you are migrating to a new printer.