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Do I need a special printer to print LaserBand® wristbands?

LaserBand® products have been carefully designed to work on most standard laser printers capable of printing labels and other heavy print media.  All LaserBand® products feature unique adhesive free zones around all exposed edges preventing printer jamming and costly printer maintenance due to adhesive contamination. For optimum performance, if your laser printer has a special setting to print labels, use that setting when printing LaserBand® wristbands. If you are uncertain of your printer's capabilities, please consult your printer's supplier.

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Are LaserBand® products covered under my hospital's existing Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) agreement?

LaserBand® is a proud contracted vendor with the following Group Purchasing Organizations:

  • HeathTrust (HPG)
  • Premier
  • MedAssets
  • Novation
  • Broadlane
  • Amerinet
  • ROi
  • GSA/Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

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Do LaserBand® products come in colours other than white?

Many of our most popular products are available in a variety of colours. These products include the LaserBand2, FusionBand, OmniBand, and LaserBand Alert lines. To locate the colours available for a specific product, navigate to its page on our website and click on the "Ordering Options" tab. If by chance we don't thave the specific colour solution you are looking for, we can create a special order product in the colour(s) you need.

Another option is to use our Spot Alert markers along with your current LaserBand wristband as a simple cost effective way to comply with state, regional, or local colour-coding standards for patient condition alerts such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, etc. Spot Alerts work with any LaserBand wristband to identify special patient needs.

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Do LaserBand® products contain latex and are LaserBand® products hypoallergenic?

LaserBand® labels and wristbands contain no natural latex. The wristbands are latex-free and hypoallergenic.

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Do LaserBand® wristbands have tamper evident features?

All of the LaserBand2® generation products (LB2) are designed with tamper evident features, while most of the Original LaserBand® line offers options with and without the tamper evident features.

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Will LaserBand® products work with my software?

LaserBand® products have been designed to be flexible and versatile. If you can use your software to print on a blank piece of paper, then you can use it to print on a LaserBand® product. We have, however, created a few designs that are intended to work with specific software. Please contact us with your current application and we will match up the products that will work best with your system.

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What if I need a different size label or a different type of media for my laser printed application?

Please contact your designated LaserBand representative if you have a more unique request. We want to find the appropriate product to fit your needs.

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How can I begin placing orders?

Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM central. We accept purchase orders via telephone (800) 238-0870, fax (314) 726-1028, or e-mail, and acknowledge 100% of the orders via fax or email. Our Customer Service staff will contact you directly with questions or comments concerning your order.

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Is freight included in the price of LaserBand® products?

All products are shipped FOB St. Louis, Missouri. Following shipment, you will receive an invoice that contains the full charge for both product and freight. We will always ship via ground service in the most economical way; however, if your order is a rush, we are happy to ship to your specifications.

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Are LaserBand® products RFID compatible?

As the industry leader in research and development, LaserBand is prepared to address our customers' evolving needs and has the ability to fully incorporate RFID technology into our extensive line of patient identification wristbands. LaserBand is also the only provider of patient identification solutions that offers RFID integration across both laser and thermal print platforms.

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How is LaserBand Dura different than PDC DuraPrint?

The new LaserBand Dura® improves on all the industry-leading features you expect from LaserBand and offers them at an extremely competitive price. Best of all, the LaserBand Dura® was designed with the same formatting as the most popular wristbands in the market. So you can cut costs while improving patient safety, patient comfort, and workflow – all without the hassle of reformatting.

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Do LaserBand wristbands contain an antimicrobial solution?

LaserBand follows the direction of the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC has two campaigns promoting the appropriate use of antimicrobials, "Get Smart: Use Antibiotics Wisely" and their "Campaign to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance," which focuses on educating healthcare-based physicians about antimicrobial resistance issues in an effort to further decrease unnecessary antibiotic use. The overuse of antimicrobial products, such as treated patient ID wristbands, has lead to the emergence of superbugs. Superbugs are infections that evolve to become drug-resistant, leading to much more serious, sometimes life-threatening infections.

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