Assistancekåren Zebra Mobile Printers Aid Easier and Safer Vehicle Recovery


Zebra Mobile Printers Aid Easier and Safer Vehicle Recovery

Assistancekåren is Sweden's only national vehicle recovery organisation. The company has 400 recovery vehicles, which includes 90 heavy duty vehicles for towing trucks and buses. The company attends to more than 240,000 call-outs every year.

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The Story

The Challenge

Previously, the majority of its traffic management, invoicing and administration were handled manually at Assistancekåren. When its call centre received a call from a car owner, the company had to liaise with multiple contacts to locate an available recovery vehicle. This process was both time consuming as well as being resource intensive.

Furthermore, the outdated invoicing process meant that credit card numbers could only be captured on the back of recovery verification documents and be manually registered. To log the invoice in Assistancekåren's ERP system was a complex, lengthy process. This was due to a lengthy turn-around time from the initial call-out to the final invoice being issued. This could take as long as a month!

Consequently, improving this existing manual process was a key priority. To input the correct information into the organistion's ERP system, such as the correct beneficiary, vehicle licence number and debit card details, proved particularly challenging in itself.

The Solution

From initial call out to the final invoice
With the new technology solution, it can take as little as twelve seconds, from the end of the call with SOS International to when a recovery vehicle driver is contacted and heading to the pick-up location. SOS International now registers call-outs in a central database and the traffic management team is automatically informed. The closest available recovery vehicle with the right equipment and driver with the relevant competence is then allocated the call out.

At the time of the vehicle being recovered, the excess insurance is paid directly there and then using a Zebra® mobile printer. The credit card transaction covers the initial deposit with the payment transaction being completed that same day. The final complete invoice is then posted directly to the customer.

"The great advantage with this technology is that all elements of the process, from the initial call-out to invoice are now being integrated," said Thomas Wahren, Chief Secretary at Assistancekåren. "Thanks to Zebra® printers we now have a solution that gives us reliability and efficiency throughout our entire process."

As an industry leader, Assistancekåren sets the standard for the development of advanced solutions for recovery and vehicle assistance.

Integrated printers for easier payment
The recovery vehicles are connected to the new solution, a Zebra® RW 420™ series mobile receipt printer with a built-in card scanner. Thanks to the printer's capability, the excess insurance for vehicle recovery can now be paid straight away with an integrated solution from call out to invoice. Consequently Assistancekåren receives immediate confirmation on whether the customer is able to pay or not.

To secure information about the towed vehicle and to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, the solution has direct access to a central vehicle directory.

When the driver has arrived at the recovery location, the time and the vehicle's position are registered. A receipt is then printed with the car's location, licence number and information on the driver's insurance company. The customer receives information on where the vehicle is located and the cost of the towing via an SMS message. The printers can handle smart cards, enabling users to pay the excess insurance.


Card payments decreased risk of robberies
Increased card payment handling was also a great advantage for the towing vehicle drivers. Previously, they had to handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis. The Zebra mobile printers with integrated card scanners have now increased payment security and ultimately personal safety for these drivers, as well as overall decreasing the risks in handling large amounts of cash for Assistancekåren.

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