Automating Warehouse Processes with Zebra Technologies

Automating Warehouse Processes with Zebra Technologies

Copagro uses tracinginmotion's WMS to increase accuracy, productivity and traceability.

Copagro is Belgium's top manufacturer and distributor of decorator products and paints, supplying up to 41 wholesalers and 137 other points of sale. To eliminate errors that arose from a paper-based warehouse system, Copagro decided to automate their system.

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The Story


Copagro, Belgium's leading supplier of paints and material for decorators, recently switched from a paper-based warehouse management system to an automated one in hopes of fixing errors and discrepencies.


To upgrade its warehouse management system, Copagro partnered up with Zebra Technologies distributor, TracingInMotion.

The company installed a wireless network to ensure there is reliable coverage onsite and also deployed TracingInMotion's TRAC WMS solution on MC9190-G mobile computers to help with data capturing.

TRAC syncs with Copagro's DBFact ERP package through a connector, which makes information readily available throughout the entire business. TRAC is also used to monitor stock and optimise picking routes among other things.


It took less than three weeks for the system to be set up, causing minimal disruptions to the business, plus it merged successfully with Copagro's existing ERP solution.

Overall, the new system has made it possible for employees to work faster and more efficiently. Training no longer takes weeks but can be completed in a matter of days, and daily pickings have increased by approximately 10% since the implementation of the system. The need for administration has been reduced by 20-30%.

Customer satisfaction levels have seen an increase as well, thanks to order accuracy being at nearly 100%. Copagro has also been able to improve production planning due to a better stock overview. The integration of the new warehouse system has lead to an overall improvement of performance of the business.

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