Caprabo Food Retailer Finds an Effective Way to Create Loyalty


Food Retailer Finds an Effective Way to Create Loyalty

Caprabo is one of the leading food retailers in Spain, with a turnover in 2007 of over 200 million euros. It has 569 supermarkets spread across 29 Spanish provinces. With a strong presence in the communities of Catalonia, Madrid, Navarre and the Balearic Islands, Caprabo takes the lead in this particular vertical market sector. With a total sales area of more than 606,000 square metres, this is increased by an additional 236,000 square metres of floor space in their logistics warehouses. It is from here where Caprabo products are distributed throughout all the company's outlets.

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The Story

The Challenge

How to offer an integrated on-demand printing solution for customer discount vouchers to help support a well established and successful customer loyalty programme for a leading Spanish supermarket retailer

The Solution

Implementation of 3000 Zebra® LP 2844-Z desktop printers at virtually all of its supermarket checkouts


The Benefits

  • On-demand printing of customer discount vouchers which allow a fully personalised customer offering to be delivered
  • Central management of customer loyalty voucher printing has enabled changes to be made at any time throughout all stores via Zebra® printers simultaneously

Pioneering customer relationship management
Caprabo was established 48 years ago. One of the mainstays of this Spanish retailer's extraordinary growth and development has been its customer loyalty programme. The company first launched its loyalty scheme back in 1996 with the first customer loyalty card, an innovative project which made Caprabo a pioneer in customer relationship managment at that time. Now, more than ten years later, this organisation continues to innovate and implement initiatives that help differentiate it from other competitors in the retail sector. In 2006 Caprabo launched a new loyalty programme designed to offer maximum savings for its customers, consequently this retailer has one of the highest scores in the use of its customer loyalty cards when purchases are made. With over 80% of its customer base being card holders, there are more than two million active.

Printing customer vouchers on demand
Caprabo's latest development in its customer layalty programme provides discount vouchers to customers. Rather than sending out the vouchers by post, which can be an expensive and time consuming process, Caprabo wanted to immediately print the discount vouchers for customers on demand, at the point of purchase.

Caprabo looked at various different printing solutions on the market and in the end chose Zebra's LP 2844-Z desktop thermal printer with automatic cutter. The printer has a specially designed media support, from which the operator picks up the vouchers before handing them to the customer. Caprabo installed a total of 3000 Zebra® desktop printers in their supermarkets, which averaged one printer at each supermarket checkout. These printers enable the immediate generation of a highly personalised communication with the customer, which in turn allows the promotion of special offers and specific products.

This is an innovative approach in the retail market. Zebra's printing solutions offers simple programming and printing which is easy to integrate into existing systems. A wide range of design options, optimum printing quality and the ability to print on high quality papers were key requirements for this project.

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