Efficiences Delivered: Reynolds Optimises Fleet Performance With the TC55

Efficiencies Delivered

Reynolds Optimises Fleet Performance with the TC55

Reynolds is the UK's top provider for the foodservice industry, supplying big brands with fruits, vegetables, meat and more. In an attempt to improve efficiency, the company's business improvement team moved to mobile computing which has brought remarkable results.

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The Story


Reynolds wanted to improve workflows, data capture, as well as vehicle and assest tracking across 200 vehicles and 3,000 deliveries that went out daily by implementing the use of a new mobile computing system.


Reynold's business improvement team buit a personalised REDEMA application, which is a client server solution with multiple applications that allows drivers to gather information while on a shift.

Drivers use automated forms to collect admin and legal data, as well as to check deliveries onsite and to inform Customer Service of any issues that may arise. Customers can sign off on the TC55's screen for deliveries, and the device also gives drivers the ability to document overnight deliveries with images that contain GPS location and time stamps.

Reynolds partnered with MP Logistics to test a variety of products for battery life, screen resolution, operating system and processor speed. The TC55 met all the required standards and was the preferred product by drivers who tested devices on the road.


The use of this system allows Reynolds to gather important data in real time, so they can resolve issues more effectively. For instance, customers can be informed ahead of time if their shipment will be delayed. There has also been a drop in calls from drivers to distribution as well as in disputed deliveries to unattended drops. Driver routes have increased by 3% in efficiency and are expected to increase by an additional 2% in the next six months.

On the road, the TC55 has proven to be the best device for usability thanks to its durability, lengthy battery life and bright screen. Drivers are able to learn the technology within 30 minutes, which allows Reynolds to be more efficient faster.

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