QuickTrace Bringing Healthcare Labeling Innovation to Local Doctors' Surgeries


Bringing Healthcare Labeling Innovation to Local Doctors' Surgeries

The LabelTrace system has evolved over many years in partnership with the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and now sets the standard in low-cost, accurate labelling for patient test request forms and samples, direct from the GP (medical practioner's) clinical system.

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The Story

The Challenge

When Colin Hampton, founder of QuickTrace Ltd., responded to a GP's desire to track medical records using barcode techniques, he was unaware that the solution he built would soon be in demand by healthcare trusts across the UK.

Local GPs traditionally used a time-intensive blood sampling process that was open to mistakes with hand-written labelling. In response, Colin produced an innovative healthcare labelling system to ensure samples would not get lost or mixed up. The solution needed a printer which could be used in a medical environment and was reliable enough to ensure minimal failure rates. It also needed to offer a simple interface and be able to print quickly.

Demand for the system called LabelTrace grew rapidly and Colin was faced with a huge increase in orders from a single unit to several thousand! He therefore needed a specialty printing provider that could accommodate a rapid increase in orders for a 'fit-for-purpose' printer.

The Solution

Building on its extensive specialty printing expertise within the healthcare sector, Zebra Technologies provided a feature- rich printer solution that offers the reliability, efficiency and ease-of-use necessary to operate within local surgery and hospital environments.

The low cost Zebra LP 2824 Plus label printers allowed the LabelTrace system to print a set of specimen labels within a few seconds of the request and satisfy the key LabelTrace solution criteria of 'fast, accurate and affordable.' The printers also ensured that LabelTrace was subject to minimal failure rates and could operate for extended periods between replacement of the printing media.

Zebra also offered Colin extensive marketing and pricing support to bring his solution to the wider healthcare audience.


Zebra's printing solution and reseller support empowered Colin to provide the innovation for the mass healthcare market – scaling from a single unit to over 26,000 so far. Zebra's 'specialist solutions reseller' support has also enabled Colin to further promote the LabelTrace benefits to a national healthcare audience.

Medical centres across the country have already saved hundreds of man hours using LabelTrace and with Zebra's support the solution is now set to gather further momentum across the UK.

The Benefits

  • Ensures all samples sent to labs are labelled with correct and adequate information, reducing duplicate records.
  • Saves time, with a complete set of labels printed at the press of a button.
  • Eliminates manual transcription and the associated possibilities for error or misinterpretation.
  • Assists labs with efficient recording of test requests.
  • Uses thermal print technology which avoids the need of having to change ribbons or ink cartridges.
  • Low cost of ownership.

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