Helping Hallmark Better Support Its Retail Partners

Helping Hallmark Better Support Its Retail Partners

Armed with 13,500 TC55s, Hallmark transforms its field service operations

ARMED WITH 13,500 TC55S,


Hallmark wanted to use mobile devices to better serve its retail customers and to improve the efficiency of its field service employees.

Every day, more than 13,000 Hallmark part-time employees – including 12,000 retail merchandisers and 1,500 territory supervisors/assistants – are in the field supporting Hallmark’s retail partners. Until recently, communication with these employees was difficult and inconsistent. Hallmark relied primarily on full-time employees to pass on information. Hallmark knew it could improve productivity and customer service by providing its employees with a connected device that would enable more consistent, regular and secure communications. 


After examining the total cost of ownership for deploying consumer versus enterprise devices, Hallmark chose Motorola’s TC55 AndroidTM ruggedized enterprise devices.

After reviewing many mobile options, Hallmark decided to deploy 13,500 Motorola TC55 Touch Computers, which offer enterprise-grade security, customisation and man- agement along with consumer-grade user-friendliness. The TC55 mobile devices feature the Android operating system with Extensions by Motorola Solutions (Mx) and offer an integrated scanner (complete with a physical scan button), a replaceable battery, a long lifecycle and many other benefits provided by rugged enterprise devices. 


Hallmark now enjoys the productivity benefits delivered by a user-friendly, application-rich device combined with the security and management benefits of an enterprise-optimized rugged device.

The TC55 devices boost productivity for retail merchan- disers by allowing them to complete tasks more quickly and communicate with supervisors while in the field. Meanwhile, Hallmark experiences enhanced security and easier management of the TC55 devices, thanks to the Mx features that make these Android-based mobile devices truly enterprise-ready.

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