Spendrups Consolidating brewery production facilities supported by Zebra Technologies.


Consolidating brewery production facilities supported by Zebra Technologies.

Established in 1897, Swedish brewing company Spendrups has 1200 employees, owns 35% of Sweden's market share of beer and soda, and in 2011 had revenues of 3 billion SEK (approximately 300 million euros).

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In addition to its usual brewery activity, its Grängesberg facility has a large distribution centre where external partners send beverages for distribution across Sweden by Spendrups. The challenge was to identify and tag all incoming deliveries, so that all pallets are located correctly in the warehouse. The second part of the challenge takes place when beverages are distributed from Grängesberg to locations throughout Sweden. Furthermore, there is an added need for identification and tagging at the rejection bay and during storage for the "less frequent" range of products that pass through the storage carousel.

The brewery sends out 200 pallets per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The plan is to double the capacity to 400 pallets per hour in 2013 by moving all beverage production to Grängesberg. Outbound deliveries, which consist of combined incoming deliveries and in-house brewery-made beverages equate to approximately 450 million litres each year.

We use Zebra Technologies printers in multiple ways at our Grangesberg facility. Both Zebra ZM400 and ZM600 series printers are crucial to the success of the process.

Afrem Celik, Process Developer,


Increased production as well as intake in external delivery requires quality printers with high uptime and low service costs.

All delivered pallets to Grängesberg are tagged by Zebra ZM600 series mid-range printers and then transferred through the in-feeding bay area via an automatic conveyer. The automatic barcode reader scans the information on the label, and the Warehouse Managing System (WMS) tracks the pallet and places it in the correct warehouse storage location, a storage facility with capacity for 45,000 pallets.

Another Zebra ZM400 series mid-range printer receives the tagged pallet and automatically prints out the correct barcode for pallet identification for external delivery. This barcode label containing relevant delivery details such as route & date is a crucial part of the logistics and transportation process when directing the pallet to the correct delivery truck.

Eight Zebra ZM400 printers are used as part of Spendrups' shipping process which have the flexibility to support the company's production workload fluctuations.

"Zebra Z series printers can support this increased capacity", says Afrem Celik, Process Developer at Spendrups. "Reliable printers and quality in general, were the reasons why we chose Zebra Technologies. If a printer stops working, we'd lose a significant part of our shipping process. This is why uptime is so important to us."

The rejection bay handles all products that cannot be processed and distributed. Misshapen or wrongly attached plastic on the pallets are reasons to discard those pallets. If the pallet problem cannot be fixed at the rejection bay, the pallet is tagged by a Zebra ZM600 printer. This ensures the pallet is allocated to the right location to be disassembled.

Some "less frequent" products e.g. certain types of champagne, beer and wine delivered from other worldwide locations to Grängesberg's distribution centre are also processed at this site. Spendrups' affiliates send their products to the Grängesberg distribution centre because of its large warehouse and efficient beverage distribution logistics capability. At Grängesberg, an additional Zebra ZM400 printer is used to tag these "less frequent" products which arrive at the receiving bay and are then sent to the vertical storage carousel. The same printers are also used in the process for shipment of these products.

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